Brain-Compatible Grades 6-12

Focused on the adolescent and teen years, these are chock full of insights. All of the PowerPoint presentations are focused on better learning and better behaviors. Learn to understand the age group, then you can engage, activate and prepare them for the future. Each brain-based teaching presentation focuses on both insights and instructional strategies. Each takes a different point of view. You can expect to get practical strategies you can use with the science background, too.

Featured PowerPoint:

Attention Deficit  Hyperactivity Disorder AD/HD Insight and Solutions

We all know that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a frustrating condition. This 114-slide presentation explores the most accurate definitions, symptoms, history and causes.

This detailed session has WAY MORE than you’ll need, but feel free to trim it to fit your staff. It’s chock-a-block with specifics that you can use. You’ll get dozens of the best-researched, most practical solutions. Includes brain scans.

You’ll get page after page of accommodations and interventions that work. Perfect for all parents and educators. Expect staff to gain background and strategies to implement immediately.

The support book recommended for this presentation is Different Brains, Different Learners by Eric Jensen.


fierce teaching powerpointFierce Teaching – 7 Factors That Matter Most

Teachers are constantly bombarded with “the next big thing.” But not every idea is a good one, nor is there an endless amount of time to implement every idea.

It’s time for you and your staff to know what really matters. When it comes to how the human brain learns and remembers in a school context, there are many things that are helpful. For example, we all know positive environments and passionate teachers can help. But in the brain, what needs to happen? What are the fewest variables that teachers need to do to get miraculous results every single day?

This 134-slide presentation makes a compelling case for what matters most. Perfect for new staff or experienced ones that have lost their way. NOTE: there is some content overlap between this presentation and Teaching with the Brain in Mind. NO need to purchase both.


changin the brain teachingHow Teaching Changes Brains

Do you have motivation issues among your staff? Are you trying to make changes in the curriculum, assessment or instruction?

Some teachers are hesitant to change until they realize that they can make a dramatic difference. With this PowerPoint, you get a compelling case for teachers as “brain changers.” We’ve all heard that teachers can change lives; now learn how that happens every day. Discover how teaching changes the chemistry, connectivity and even cellular structure of student brains.

In this colorful 86-slide presentation, you’ll get the research, the brain scans and the summaries of what drives change in the human brain. This is one of the most empowering presentations a staff could ever see! Best when used with the companion book, Enriching the Brain by Eric Jensen.


Memory and Recall SuccessMemory and Recall Success

Students need to encode, maintain and retrieve memories accurately to succeed in school. But how does this process work and can it be improved?

Discover the five insider secrets of how our brain makes and stores and retrieves memories. Learn about false memory, photographic memory and how to improve your own. This 109 slide colorful presentation combines the science of memory with the real practical side of everyday teacher and student challenges.

Discover how to empower your students and staff to remember much more and have fun doing it. The support book recommended for this presentation is The Great Memory Book by Karen Markowitz and Eric Jensen.


conduct disorders powerpointOppositional & Conduct Disorders

Surprisingly 10-12% of all children in America have a behavioral disorder. The most common one is oppositional disorder and the most violent is conduct disorder.

This compelling presentation gives you the brain-based understanding for these common issues. But more importantly, you get pages of real world solutions. Most of them are free and require minimal skills. Doing the right thing is more important than doing it perfectly.

This dynamic 97-slide presentation gives you the issues, causes and solutions with amazing up-to-date clarity. Expect staff to gain background and strategies to implement immediately. The support book recommended for this presentation is Different Brains, Different Learners by Eric Jensen.


teenage SecretsSecrets of the Teenage Brain

You get an engaging and colorful 99-slide presentation is packed with both research and practical strategies.

New brain research tells us how the brain changes and what you can do to be ahead of the game. Expect to learn how to discipline better, motivate better and improve student achievement. Learn about how the teenage brain is very different from that of a child or an adult. Discover the 5 areas of vulnerability, learn how teens are influenced by stress, rewards or risky behavior.

Find out their sensitivity to rewards and their inability to read or manage emotions. Expect staff to gain background and strategies to implement immediately. Perfect for parents or teachers. The support book recommended for this presentation is Secrets of the Teenage Brain by Sheryl Feinstein


teaching brainTeaching with the Brain in Mind

This is the newly updated presentation that helps teachers connect the research with the classroom-practical strategies. You get the brain scans, the key principles and most importantly, the teacher-tested ideas you can use immediately.

This is the fresh, cutting-edge 143-slide session with color, easy-to-understand science and yet still answers the question, “What do I do on Monday?” This shows links to differentiation, enrichment, learning and memory strategies.

Get beautiful brain scans! It is long enough for either a 2 hour, half-day or full day session. Staff will be talking about this presentation for weeks! The support book recommended for this presentation is (of course) Teaching with the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen.


tools for engaging studentsTools for Engagement

This is a “Tell-all” slide show and “The secret’s out of the bag” presentation perfect for staff developers and adult educators. The strategies can be used with students from grades 1-12 and adult.

You get a 148-color slide presentation that gives you the art and science behind engaging teaching. There’s no room for excuses or failures anymore. This gives you the all-time 10 best strategies for student engagement.

Expect staff to gain background and strategies to implement immediately. If you’re not using these brain-smart tools, you’re either working too hard or missing students. It is best used with the book Tools for Engagement by Eric Jensen


upgrading student achievementUpgrading the Student Brain

Do you have any students who are under performing? If so, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and rebuild their brain.

The human brain has enormous plasticity and your students can learn go from Ds and Fs to Bs and As. How? You’ll learn how to improve attention, memory, processing, sequencing, hopefulness and how to develop the growth mindset.

You get clear science and beautiful brain scans. This innovative 82-slide presentation gives you ideas, science and practical strategies you can use immediately. It is best used with the book Enriching the Brain by Eric Jensen.


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