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Why Use Brain-Based Teaching?

“Brain-Based Education is the purposeful engagement of strategies based on principles derived from solid scientific research.”

Brain-Based Learning is also the application of a meaningful group of principles that represent our understanding of how our brain works in the context of education. Brain-Based Learning is simply the engagement of strategies based on body/mind/brain research. Other research in related fields such as social neuroscience, psychoimmunology, behavioral genetics, psychobiology, cognitive science, neuroscience and physiology also play a role.

What Does a Brain-Based Teacher Do?

Brain-Based Teaching is not a panacea or magic bullet to solve all of education’s problems. Anyone who represents that to others is misleading them. There is not yet a “one size fits all” brain-based program, model or package for schools to follow.

A brain-compatible teacher teaches with the brain in mind. This educator understands the principles and uses strategies in a purposeful way. This path is all about an educator who understands the reasoning behind their teaching. It is also one who stays constantly updated through continuous professional development.

Brain-Based Teaching

Jensen Learning integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with practical, user-friendly classroom strategies, to overcome challenging teaching environments such as poverty, AD/HD… helping you create a high-performance school environment. Jensen Learning offers teacher workshops and teacher-training programs that help boost student learning and school achievement.

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