Influencing Student Mental and Emotional States

If you’ve been to at least one of my workshops, you know how much I emphasize the value of managing student states.

Here is what you can do at your school:

First, foster meaningful relationships with tribes, clubs, committees, partner work, teams and mentors. Then cultivate these strengths over time. After about 4-6 weeks, it’s time to switch them up.

Second, cultivate an attitude of gratitude with daily journaling, sharing positives with partners and teammates and teachings students what to look and listen for to become more grateful. Do this with verbal sharing, written journaling and make it a daily ritual.

Third, teach students how to be better at living in the present moment (that’s easy for pre-K and K-3, but it becomes an art as we get older).

Finally, teach students HOW to develop an attitude of openness and curiosity. That can be done with exploratory learning that allows student to generate questions about the content, project or process. Do all these take time? Yes, in total, at least ten minutes a day. In return, you’ll get a lifelong learner who is curious, grateful and has better mental health. That sounds pretty good to me!

Brain-based education says, “Be purposeful about it.” Now, go have some fun!

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