• How to develop brain-based reading programs

    “I hate reading!” How many times have we heard students say that in elementary school — and then in middle and high school? Students who struggle with reading can feel discouraged and frustrated and then internalize those emotions. When a struggling reader says, “Maybe I’m just dumb,” that’s painful to hear. Research shows that students who […]

  • Annual Updated Health Issue:

    Seven Changes You Can Make to Save Your Life (plus a chance to win $25,000) DISCLAIMER: Before I begin any comments about health, I am required by law to make a disclaimer:  “The following comments are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, nor have they been approved by the FDA.” Here are seven changes […]

  • Your Amazing Stomach & Brain Connection Part 2

    What is in common with the following phrases? Someone says to you, “I am feeling it …it’s gonna happen!” Another says, “I gotta bad feeling about this.” And finally, you say, “Something just doesn’t feel right.” The answer to what is in common is … (drum roll please), the “second brain”! That second brain is […]

  • Your Amazing Stomach & Brain Connection

    What’s the Brain-Stomach Link? This month, you’ll get the science behind eating (and overeating). After all, summer is coming up and health takes on a whole new meaning. If you know me, you know I am skinny as a rail. But, while I might make it look easy, it’s NOT! I watch carefully what I […]

  • Here’s the Best Single Idea of the Year

    I am on a mission to help 10,000 teachers become extraordinary this year. This article is about something quite important. Below you will get an insight into teaching and lifelong learning. Stay a learner for a moment and we can turn this into the best year of your professional life. Let’s start with a critical […]

  • A mission to help 10,000 educators become extraordinary

    I am on a mission to help 10,000 educators become extraordinary. This  is about something quite important. I am asking for feedback, which has one of the highest effects on achievement. When you give feedback, you will be rewarded. Please share one of three things in a 1-page note. How you’ve added more engagement strategies […]

  • What every change agent should memorize

    Be relentless about learning ABOUT learning.

    New studies get MY attention. This is how I stay out on the cutting edge. You probably don’t have the time to do the same level of reading in this area, but it’s MY passion!