Tools for Maximum Engagement Teacher Workshop

This 2-Day teacher’s workshop gives you the skills and insider knowledge, and practical classroom-tested
tools to maximize the engagement of every student, every time.

Get 101 Amazing Strategies:
Practical, Highly Effective and Easy to Use, Classroom-Proven
“Tools for Maximum Engagement” That Virtually Guarantee
You’ll Engage Even the Most Reluctant, Hard-to-Reach Students.

Teaching Engagement Strategy Workshop - Eric Jensen

Learn how to successfully understand and intervene
with reluctant, hyperactive, apathetic or even
disconnected learners in a totally new way.

You can now have exciting classes, with students who think, process, raise their hands, contribute and interact. It’s time to end boring classes and disengaged students. You’ll learn how to become the hands-up favorite for most “engaging teacher” who has the most fun and most successful students on campus.

Eric JensenMy first job out of college was teaching. I was (and still am) very passionate about teaching and learning. But that was my only saving grace. As a new teacher, I simply did not have the skills, attitude or strategy to engage my students consistently. I shudder to think of how many students were bored in my classes. And here’s the worst part: I used to blame them for not being motivated! Today, participants tell me that my presentations are among the most compelling, engaging they have ever experienced.

You may know me (Eric Jensen) as the leader in the brain-based movement. I have written 24 books on the brain and learning including the best-selling educational brain book of all-time, Teaching with the Brain in Mind. I also co-founded the first brain-compatible academic program in 1982, founded the first on-line brain-based educator newsletter, the first annual brain-based EXPO and annually I train in-depth more folks on the brain than anyone in the world.

Over the last ten years, I have been studiously adding new tools for engagement (just one at a time) to my own toolbox of presentations. Each one takes a bit of time to get it down pat, to work on the nuances and to feel comfortable using—like any other skill.

Nothing beats seeing, hearing and experiencing the strategies first-hand so you can “get them in your blood.” Imagine the breath-taking experience for an archeologist to discover the Lost Covenant, the Da Vinci code, the Dead Sea Scrolls or a golden shroud from an ancient burial. You too can enjoy the thrill of discovery—in learning!

This research-based, idea-packed hands-on training gives you the ultimate “teacher’s toolbox” that every educator definitely must have to succeed. This is the new “gold standard” of engaging strategies and presentation skills.

Learn How to Captivate, Involve, Include and Activate Every Learner, So They Get It Right Every Time

In this extraordinary workshop, you will learn:

  • ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES that virtually guarantee that everyone is included and involved.
  • FACILITATION STRATEGIES that reach everyone, using variety, differentiation, and street-smart tools every single time!
  • COGNITIVE STRATEGIES…The new “engagement” strategies that skyrocket every student’s academic learning success.

Enjoy the most engaging professional development event and reap confidence for a lifetime! Learn to differentiate your presentation to meet the needs of ALL students. Discover time-tested, research-driven results to positively impact your students. Join world-renowned trainer and brain-based leader Eric Jensen for a lifetime of “Engaging Toolbox” strategies in one 2-day event!

You can expect to learn:

  • How to reach the reluctant learner
  • The secrets to how to involve, not tell
  • Best ways to boost memory and recall
  • Countless sure-fire energizers
  • Ultimate openings and closings

Buy-in Made Easy! You Can Now Get 100%
Emotional, Physical and Cognitive Engagement

Who should take this specialized, cutting-edge training? Those who get the most value out of it are most often:

  1. trainers who work with groups of 20 or more
  2. staff developers who really want to make a difference in the lives of others
  3. teachers who want a more energizing classroom and
  4. anyone who currently or will in the future, spend a lot time in front of groups.

This highly practical brain-based training is designed with the brain in mind. That’s right—I create rock-solid levels of learner safety first. I know that the better the “safety net,” the more you’re willing to risk new behaviors. Then we bump up the level of challenge. You get daily practice with tons of feedback. Content, practice, debriefing and consolidation… every single day. It’s nonstop high to low energy with unprecedented collegial support.

You are guaranteed to get:

      • detailed, chunked-down specifics of HOW to do things
      • explicit role-modeling so you can see, hear and feel it
      • time to practice, process and debrief everything you learn
      • a fabulous workbook

Learn These Essential Skills and Dozens of Other
Cutting-Edge Strategies and You Can Virtually
Guarantee Your Presentation Success

You’ve already heard about the brain’s neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. You’ve heard about hormones like adrenaline and testosterone. But did you know that you could influence their levels in your participants? The way you train can change the chemistry of your audience’s brains! And you’ll learn how to do it in this amazing 2-Day trainer’s delight. Training with the brain in mind—what a concept!

  • You absolutely must do this. It’s worth every second and every dollar. Tammy Brown, Charlotte, NC
  • If you want to impact people you -`must’- take this course. Taught an old dog a lot of new tricks. Dave Grace, Ontario, Canada
  • So much fun, learning, laughing and people. I can’t wait to start working on the techniques. Christine Wagner, Irving, TX

Take this program and you’ll get better teaching and training skills, more energy and a new world of how to use music in your work. Jensen Learning updates and revises this 2-Day program every year to keep up with the new brain research.

  • Gain cutting edge skills

  • Feel training stress disappear

  • Learn inside secrets of the pros

  • Build massive self-confidence

In addition, we follow the latest research to insure that you’re getting the most relevant program possible.

Get positive, practical, research-based strategies that can skyrocket achievement scores.

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When you have confidence, vitality and expertise, working with groups is not only fulfilling but fun, too. The audience learns more and appreciates it more. Take this dramatic 2-Day trainer’s training and expect the best. Your natural abilities will shine. Your success will increase and you’ll be admired by your peers. You’ll have the skills and confidence to dazzle any audience and you’ll be in high-demand. You’ll learn to integrate the new brain research with specific presentation skills. Most importantly of all, small-time, so-so presenting will be a thing of the past.

Perhaps for the first time in your life, you’ll be able to make a significant, large-scale lasting positive difference in the world. Who says so? Who says that you’ll get all these things out of this training? The participants do.

Read these comments:

  • Well worth the time and money. Challenging- yet allows you to explore the possibilities. Lee Rutledge, Austin, TX
  • If you want to further your career and impact anything, I mean anything you are involved with-this workshop is a must. Kevin Washington, Kingsland, GA
  • Fab. It’s so good, you’ll want to do it again. (I’ve NEVER thought that before.)  Fay Wheatley, San Antonio, TX
  • TAKE the course- I was expecting a lot- This surpassed my expectations. DeeDee Lewis, San Antonio, TX
  • TAKE IT! It’s the answer to making workshops fun and learning memorable. Sue Retherford, Kansas MO
  • This was the single most important [event] I’ve spent in my professional life. “Do it for yourself.” Terri Iles, Fort Worth, TX
  • This type of program should be mandatory for all new teachers. Susan Bourne, Narragansett, RI
  • TAKE IT! You will get real life usable “stuff” that works and saves everyone time and energy while increasing learning. Kathleen Thompson, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Any person in a leadership role would benefit as well as classroom teachers. Chris Richards, Apple Valley, CA
  • You’ll walk away from this course with the confidence and knowledge to be an outstanding presenter.  Jim McCarthy, Norristown, PA

The heart and soul of this training course is simple: you get front-of-the-room engagement skills in a brain-based learning context. This is the only training in the world that gives you the practical, “What do I do next” applications and blends them with the latest research.

But it’s not enough to be able to do good work with groups—you ought to be able to duplicate those miraculous results consistently.

Take This Powerful 2-Day Training and Learn Amazing Secrets to:

      • Reach the reluctant learner
      • Involve, not tell
      • Boost memory and recall
      • Put the genius of timing in your activities
      • Master countless sure-fire energizers

This highly practical training is designed with the brain in mind. You get rock-solid levels of “learner safety” first. We know that the better your “safety net,” the more you’re willing to risk new behaviors. Then you get new skills, razor-sharp content and clear demonstrations. Plus, you get daily practice with tons of feedback. It’s nonstop high-low-high-low energy with unprecedented collegial support. Does that pay off? Read what these 2-Day graduates said:

  • The most practical suggestions and the best modeling for a presenter I’ve ever experienced. This will be my first year out of the classroom and I wish I had had this training 15 years ago. JoAnn Axtell, Independence, MO
  • This is a state of the art course. I have taken numerous train-the-trainer workshops and this represents a quantum leap. Jay Roberts, Charlottesville, VA
  • You’ve got to find a way to get to this workshop. You won’t know what you don’t know until you get there. Midge Weir, Liberty, MO
  • Go in as a sponge, flexible enough to soak up all that is given, leave filled and ready to squeeze and share it with others. Margaret Mills, Cincinnati, OH
  • Do it! You’ll love it! You’ll use it! You’ll be empowered! D. Sawyer, Rancho Bernardo, CA
  • Do it! Being with a group of professionals so eager to learn is inspiring. Patricia Lemons, Rio Rancho, NM
  • If you want to get 125% better at what you do, register! Patricia Gomez, Santa Ana, CA
  • This is critical information for me in my two careers. I’m glad I took the 6-day first. Patti Van der Have, Fort Myers, FL
  • This course will change your life! I recommend this to all teachers, trainers, administrators. Kathy Perez, Alameda, CA

If you want highly engaging classes or presentations, then go invest the time to learn FROM a world-class presenter. This program is affordable and below-market-priced at only $375. For that, you’ll get tools and strategies that will give you and your audience years of enjoyment.

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Here’s Why You Want to Make it Your Job to Engage Your Students: Learning is Both the Package and the Process!

Your role as an instructor is to facilitate learning and you cannot separate the content of what you offer from the social environment it is offered within. They form a complex, unified “package” that is delivered to the learning brain. If you send a package through the mail, what is the most important part of the process? The answer is that the package and the delivery process are essential; one is useless without the other. Is the role of a mail carrier (or computer server) to travel all the routes just to meet the customers? Not without delivering the package, too!

Unless the delivery process is good, the content of the package will not be received by the customer. Is the role of a mail service just to pick up packages and take your money for them? No, it still has to deliver them. Neither the process nor package is valuable in itself.

A presenter may deliver content, but unless the learning process is completed, the package is wasted. How much of a one-hour lecture do you think the average audience member could remember, share and teach to a partner? The answer is that most audiences would be hard-pressed to remember more than five minutes (or about eight and a half percent of the lecture). Of those few minutes, it’s questionable how much of would be dead-on accurate.

Remember, while creating content is the mandated part of your job, the process of ensuring delivery is just as important.

Engagement is a must. You need the “Tools for Maximum Engagement” to succeed.

These Amazing “Tools for Engagement” Are
GUARANTEED to “Hook In” Every Learner,
Boost Attention, Learning and Achievement

These fully researched, easy-to-implement, insider secrets will tap into the hidden motivational reserves of every two-legged, oxygen-breathing human, young or old.

You will:

  • unleash the awesome arousal power of the learner’s brain with natural “uppers” like adrenaline and noradrenaline
  • gain nearly instant “buy-in” within your participants by ramping up the body’s natural “concern” hormone (cortisol)
  • use the built-in pleasure chemical called “dopamine” to help ensure your participants feel good about learning (and themselves!)
  • learn to hook in learner’s optimal focus state of “well-being” by enhancing the primordial “flow” state with serotonin!

Your students will focus, participate and become engaged in the learning process like never before! These astonishing teaching and training strategies use the brain’s natural, built-in receptor sites for powerful, mood-altering neurotransmitters. Each has a specific role in attention, mood, arousal and memory. I’ve read over 10,000 pages of cutting-edge neuroscience, to figure out what works and how. I have made over 40 laboratory visits to brain research sites. I have meticulously studied and organized the material so you can use it immediately. And I have slaved over the science in ways that redefine insanity just to get it so you can have it accurate. Why the attention to detail? I am obsessed with this—but here’s how you benefit:

  • Today, there are over 31,000 neuroscientists worldwide.
  • Of those, approximately 6% or 1,860 study the brain’s chemistry.
  • Of those, less than 30 in the world actually investigate the practical applications that you and
    I could use in our daily work.

And while most scientists don’t actually “connect the dots” linking neuroscience and your work in a classroom, I do see connections—powerful ones. And you will too with these tools!

You’ll be getting the “key” to the “brain’s vault” for influencing human behavior. But take advantage of this offer soon, while there is still space! With this “Fort Knox” of nearly “magic” strategies, you’ll be busy for years. How do I know this?

Because I have been studiously adding these tools (just one at a time) to my own presentations for the last seven months. Each one takes a bit of time to get it down pat and to feel comfortable using—like any other skill.

These tools are:

  • grounded in the latest scientific discoveries about your brain’s chemistry
  • written in lay-person language, not psycho-babble or techno-talk
  • organized and grouped for easy use


The 101 Most Highly Effective, Sizzling Hot Strategies
that Neutralize Pesky Behavior Problems, Boost Learning
and Inspire Countless Kudos from Peers

If you’d like to be in the top one percent of all teachers, trainers and presenters, read carefully.

For 18 years I have been collecting sure-fire, explosive, gem-quality audience engagers that turbo charge you for front-of-the-room magnetism. These are the kind of priceless tools that only the rarest, most highly-paid of all presenters possess.

I meticulously analyzed the “million-dollar” speakers, and discovered a genuine brain-based science as to why they have the audience in the palm of their hands. Any better yet, you can acquire and learn how to use every single one of these confidential, cynic-resistant strategies. They do not require genius (but they will sure make you look like one!).

Remember, these amazing “Tools of Maximum Engagement” are guaranteed to “hook in” every learner, boost attention, learning and achievement.

You Gotta See It, Hear It and Experience It to Believe It!

Teacher workshop summer 2010

Now imagine the new possibilities: your school is succeeding and you feel the joy that comes with being highly engaging. You are about to hear your kids talk about how much they love school. Wouldn’t that make your day?

It’s time now. Time to stop wishing and time to get started. This inspirational, strategy-building workshop is coming soon, so register now!

Register now for an amazing “2-Day Tools for Maximum Engagement” Workshop that can boost attendance, exceed AYP, and turn your school into a high-performance, blue-ribbon winning powerhouse.

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In this workshop, you will gain priceless teaching skills, grow, and develop self-confidence and key insights to make your job easier! Plus, you will also receive daily practice and a wealth of feedback and collegial support.

If you’ve read this far, you KNOW it’s for you. You and I know, if you want anything badly enough, you’ll find a way. And besides, it’s risk-free. You’ve got a satisfaction or money back guarantee. So, go for it, before it’s filled & you have to wait another year. Your future is important and this may insure its success.

To Your Success,

Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen, President, Jensen Learning

P.S. This workshop is especially powerful for you if your school’s not performing up to standards. You’ll get the powerhouse tools you need the most to help create a miracles! But register soon, the word’s out already.

P.P.S. Regarding this upcoming workshop, did I mention that when you register 5 or more from your school attend, you save 10% on each ticket! Just as important, more staff increases your chances of implementation. Simply register below. And, do it today, before it fills up and you have to wait another year!

2-Day Tools for Maximum Engagement
Teacher Workshop is only $375

June 24-25, 2013 – Sold Out!
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July 19-20, 2013, San Antonio, TX
at the Omni Colonnade Hotel in San Antonio, TX

Workshop hours:  8:30am to 4:30pm