Join Eric Jensen for a highly-engaging experience that gives you cutting-edge insights with easy-to-implement classroom and training strategies.

“Considering the length of the workshop Jensen does not waste a moment of the day and keeps you engaged and learning strategies to engage your students. He changes your brain so you can help change your students’ brain.” B. Bachmann, San Antonio, TX

“AMAZING! This workshop changed my way of thinking & teaching forever!” S. Braden, Kyle, TX

2017 Jensen Learning Brain-Based Teaching Workshops:

Teaching With The Brain In Mind
4-Day Workshop

The #1 attended brain-based course in the world — discover the brain’s best-kept learning secrets over 4 days and get enough research-based, classroom-tested, practical strategies for years! Learn the principles and strategies for positive changes that can skyrocket achievement scores.

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teaching with poverty in mind- teacher workshop
Teaching and Engaging with Poverty in Mind – 3-Day Workshop

This amazing and innovative 3-day event gives you the insider background knowledge, key skills and practical roadmap for academic success with kids from poverty. You’ll understand poverty in a revolutionary new way. Get secrets to intervene in positive changes that can skyrocket achievement scores.

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Game Changers
February 20-22, 2017

This Event Sells Out Fast…  This is the program that I offer for those on a F-A-S-T track to success. This is the event that accelerates your mindset, builds background knowledge and hones those skills to affect dramatic and daily change for the better.

This remarkable hands-on, experiential training gives you the brain science in the morning, the change strategies over midday and the presentation strategies each afternoon. There are no wasted moments; everything is focused on helping you make dramatic changes RIGHT NOW! It is completely ENGAGING!

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All trainings are conducted by Eric Jensen (in person), not a colleague, trainee, or substitute.

Eric Jensen teacher training workshop
Eric Jensen has been a leading authority on the science and applications of brain research in education for more than 15 years. He is a former teacher who has spoken at national and international conferences and taught as adjunct faculty at three universities. Jensen is a longtime member of the invitation-only Society for Neuroscience and President’s Club at the prestigious Salk Institute of Biological Studies in La Jolla, California.

Jensen authored Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Enriching the Brain, and 23 other books on learning, the brain, and teaching. He’s currently completing his PhD in Human Development.

teaching brain based classrooms

What will make the single biggest difference in student achievement at your school?

It is the quality of your teachers.

What strengthens the competency and morale of your teachers?

…It’s top-quality, ongoing professional development.

That’s what you get at Jensen Learning Workshops.

You’ll get:

  • An accomplished world renowned trainer who has authored more than25 published books, 10 published articles and won multiple awards.
  • A High-energy, specialized trainer who role models each strategy so you can see and hear how it works.
  • A high quality course manual with 100+ pages for complete detailed records and follow-up.
  • A 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

Jensen Learning Teacher Workshops Boost Student Learning And Engagement With 100% Research-Based, Highly Practical, Classroom Tested, Brain-Based Teaching Tools.

Jensen Learning

Brain-based learning is the purposeful engagement of strategies based on the new interdisciplinary mind/body science.  It is based NOT on myths or politics, but real neuroscience. Jensen Learning brain-based workshops are packed with tons of real world solutions you can use immediately!