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  • Teachers: Why You Should Stop Telling Kids to Pay Attention

    As a former middle school teacher, I often used the phrase, “Pay attention!” Now you hear me telling you to never, ever say that.

    Why? It seems innocent enough.

    Well, first of all, it’s terrible teaching. It’s NOT at all “brain-based teaching.” In fact, it’s one more example of why kids learn to dislike school more, every year they go. First graders are so pumped up, but by the time kids make it to their last year in school, they’ve learned that school is not for them.

    If we do not count the high school certificates and equivalencies, only 70% of our nation’s kids graduate overall. The rates for Hispanics, African-Americans and Native Americans are under 50% in most areas of the US.

    If you think you know brain-based teaching, there’s a lot to learn! But, now that I’ve “taken away” from you one of the most commonly used attention-getters (“Pay attention!’), what should you do instead?