Current Long-Term Brain-Based Learning Projects

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there is increasing interest in brain-based learning. Two local teachers, Anson and Ricky Chan partnered with Eric Jensen to develop a prototype-training program.

We allowed teachers to nominate themselves, and with the approval of their principal, to participate with others from nearby schools. Each year we take about 30 educators, from a dozen of the targeted schools. While the commitment is for 3-years, some leave the program due to issues related to family, moving or funding. All of the teachers get extensive training and in-class coaching to improve instructional skills.

We are also measuring pre and post scores as well as comparing these to a control group. This is an exciting project, which involves both primary and secondary teachers. By the end of year three, these teachers will have reached over 24,000 students. Evaluation is underway and so far, results look very good.

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Note: There are many more long-term brain-based projects occurring in schools worldwide. If you would like to see your school’s project posted here, please email with your story.

“All participants from the 8 participating schools concluded that they have made a big difference in classroom teaching after joining the program, and the effect is positive.”

-R. Chan, Hong Kong