What Raving Fans Say

Considering hiring Eric Jensen? Read what others have said:

“The staff went back to their classrooms the following week with many new ideas…many of our principals have noted that at least two of your ideas have been implemented into the majority of the staff’s classrooms.” Leslie Arnold, Dir. Sp. Ed., So. Washington, KS

“The evaluations were among the highest ever…Overwhelmingly, participants responded that the session had useful applications for professional work and the time was used efficiently.” ML Johnson, Harris County, TX

“It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Eric Jensen as the most dynamic and well-informed professional development speaker…we count on Eric to stay current with neuroscientific research, to accurately interpret findings, and to offer very practical and doable suggestions for classroom activities” Dr. Char Myklebust, Director, SES Services. MN

“Eric’s presentations are dynamic, exciting and extreme credible…our highest rated professional development programs ever. His presentation will have long-term benefits to our instruction and learning.” Dr. Keith Pfeifer, Dir. Of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, NH.

“Eric truly practices what he preaches during the sessions—the audience is engaged and active throughout the presentations. It is exciting to hear educators from across the state that are so motivated about teaching as a result of his sessions.” Kim Roberts, Ashand, KY

“Eric Jensen proved to be worth the wait…the district felt the workshops was well worth the fee, as they received accurate information and strategies to implement immediately…they saw the benefit of having a world-renowned expert…” Annette King-Hummel, Cambridge District, WI

“Eric’s knowledge of the brain research is massive and tremendous. His skill in delivering complex materials in practical chunks was phenomenal. His art in engaging an audience of this size (300+) was magic.” Dr. Cathy Large, Exec. Dir. Curric. & Instruction, Grand Rapids, MI

“I head nothing but glowing comments…everyone attending walked out of the workshop with the feeling that they had gained many useful tools to improve classroom teaching and student learning.” Lance Ellmann, Director, SPPC, West Salem, WI

“You hit a home run!” The response was highly positive. Your keynote set a tone of energy and learning that lasted for the entire conference. My husband said you’re the best presenter he’s ever seen.” Nancy Oelklaus, Exec. Dir. Austin, TX.

“I have been besieged with people telling me how happy they are that we brought you in to work with teachers. Not only do you have cutting edge information, but you have a great manner of doing so.” Virgilyn Driscoll, Exec. Dir., Delafield, WI.

“It was unanimous; more than 2100 participants complemented, enjoyed and learned from your opening sessions!” Dianne Fraiser, HCDE, Houston, TX

“There was simply no time to be bored…all ratings were from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Wow’ with comments about hands-on environment, practical suggestions and ideas, the opportunity for group interaction followed by immediate feedback created a blockbuster presentation.” Ruth Hinson, Director, LAEF, New Orleans, LA

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