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All new: 7 Discoveries from Brain Research that Impact Education…

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Genes are not your student’s destiny.

Specific, proven strategies can change the brain which, in turn, changes lives. When you know the research, you are more professional and are more likely to continue for the long haul. The path is simple. First, illuminate the changes, take one step, implement, evaluate, repeat. Believe that you can do it, ensure everyone commits to it, and never, ever quit. Success is your destiny.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Allostasis: The Secret Role of Stress.
  • Emotion/Cognition Links: Why Emotions Matter More.
  • Neuroplasticity: How Student Brains Change.
  • Malleability of Memory: Why Kids Forget and How to Boost Recall.
  • Neurogrnesis: The New Science of Growing Your Brain.
  • Social Neuroscience: How Others Affect Your Brain.
  • Gene Expression: Why Genes are NOT Your Destiny.

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  • teaching brainHow To Build Student Achievement
  • How To Plan and Present  Staff Development
  • How To Get Staff On Board To Improve Any School

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